AROMAX has a full collection of concentrated aromatic bases and diluted flavors for all types of applications and we design new customized formulae every day, for our customers’ new projects or new applications.

Naturally compliant with F.E.M.A. and C.E.E. regulations, our flavors are safe for use in many different fields, such as:

  • - Candy, caramels, chocolates, fillings, chewing-gum
  • - Biscuits, cakes, icing, brioches fillings
  • - Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages (fruit juice, sodas, flavored water)
  • - Ice cream and sherbets
  • - Nutritional complements (nutraceutical)
  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - NFood for cattle and house pets, flavored hunting and fishing baits …