Raw materials

AROMAX provides several complementary ranges of natural aromatic raw materials and active ingredients, fragrances and food and beverage flavors.

Essential Oils

We can also supply large and small quantities of the world’s essential oils and we guarantee:

Oak extracts and other wood extracts

  • - Heart of French Oak (Quercus Robur),
  • - American Oak (Quercus Alba)
  • - Chestnut Tree wood (Castanea Sativa)
  • - Quebracho (Schinopsis Lorentzii)
  • - Gallnuts (Quercus Infectoria)
  • - Tara (Caesalpina Spinosa)

  • Both active ingredients – antioxidants, astringents, anti-radical ingredients, rich in phenols (flavonoids) and anthocyanins (beauty care cosmetics, make-up) – and aromatics, they add unique notes to fragrances and flavors, with their “very natural” woody, vanilla, whisky lactone, syringaldehyde, guaiacol and furfural scents.

    Isolates and natural aromatic molecules

    All AROMAX natural molecules are “natural Europe” meaning they are exclusively produced through fractioning or fermentation.

    Floral waters, plant oils and extracts

    We own a large number of hydrolates, plant oils and extracts, liquid or dry powder available from stock and we are tooled to develop and manufacture others upon request within only a few weeks.