Our Added Value

"Our language is inept to describe the world of scents" (Unofficial translation)

Patrick SUSKIND, Perfume

We contribute to solving the issue of the multiple choices in tastes and scents by providing a large selection of raw materials, fragrances and food aromas to our customers.
Our flexibility in terms of quantity and delivery schedules makes us the preferred supplier of all our business partners, regardless of size, projects and ambitions.

Our secret?

Our robust network comprises highly nimble partners and sub-contractors specialized in our firm’s business areas: major producers and importers of natural aromatic raw materials and active ingredients; creators and manufacturers of perfume and aromatic compositions; world-class consultants and international research and control labs.

Outsource with AROMAX

Our rich offering and high potential to adapt to our clients’ requirements enable us to act as outsourcer for your R&D and purchasing operations in our fields of expertise.